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CBSE Class 9

CBSE Class 9 plays a strong bedrock in preparing students for their future board examinations. Most students start thinking for streams and choose to prepare for varied competitive exams from now onwards. Hence, students need to score well in their examinations that tend to show their interest level in their studies. The study material offered by TopperLearning offers numerous benefits to students who appear for CBSE class 9 and wants to score better marks in their examination.


With CBSE Class 9 Plans students will get access to subjects like CBSE Class 9 MathsCBSE Class 9 ScienceCBSE Class 9 Social StudiesCBSE Class 9 Hindi and CBSE Class 9 English. Based on CBSE Class 9 Syllabus, study material & important questionnaires are like add-on toppings for students who rely on the last-minute Preparation of their examination.


CBSE Class 9 Maths resources will boost up your preparation tactics to tackle the similar type of Queries asked in actual exams. Practising the MCQ tests will enhance capability building in students. Students could moreover access all crucial resources throughout the year with CBSE Class 9 Plans.


You can refer to CBSE Class 9 Science resources and access to your Physics, Chemistry and Biology study resources aligned to the NCERT curriculum.


CBSE Class 9 Social Studies will make you understand ways to write, right answers in your History, Civics and Geography exams. The CBSE Class 9 Social Studies video lessons are drafted in a research-oriented way to make you understand the ways you can revise the application based problems in a completely different way.


CBSE Class 9 Hindi and CBSE Class 9 English resources will provide an ecosystem to revise grammar, comprehension and composition topics, thoroughly.

Check CBSE Class 9 Plans to grab a TopperLearning Subscription and get access to the latest CBSE Class 9 study resources.


CBSE Class 9: Textbook Solutions, Videos, Sample Papers & More

While keeping the required pre-requisite in mind and academic competition to get higher marks, TopperLearning has framed elegant learning packages that include the latest NCERT syllabus of CBSE Class 9, CBSE Class 9 Study Materials, Sample Paper with Solutions, Videos, CBSE Class 9 NCERT Solutions and several preparation tips guidelines; all these resources will help you to score better in your examinations. 

Students can now practice CBSE Class 9 sample papers in various subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English & Hindi, so that they can clear their concepts of every subject. CBSE Class 9 Sample papers are a crucial resource to understand the type of questions asked in exams. Revising these questions along with the CBSE Class 9 Notes will enable students to boost their preparation strategies. Moreover enables CBSE Class 9 Notes a quick revision before exams. It is also recommended to go through the CBSE Class 9 NCERT Solutions at regular intervals.

CBSE class 9 Video lessons will enable students to experience both concepts as well as the problem-solving approaches in Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Hindi Vyakaran.

CBSE class 9 Math Video lessons will have problem-solving videos where application questions of crucial concepts from each chapter are solved step-wise. These application videos enable learners to solve future similar problems from the textbooks or exemplars. CBSE Class 9 video lessons will aid in understanding approaches to writing proper answers. 

CBSE Class 9 Sample papers are updated frequently keeping in mind the pattern of examination and typology of questions like Case-based, Assertion-Reasoning types.

All resources and study materials are aligned to the NCERT curriculum and adhere to the latest paper patterns and CBSE Class 9 syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE.

CBSE Class 9: Weekly Tests, Video Assessment, MIQ & More

The study material offered by TopperLearning has numerous benefits to students who appear for CBSE class 9 and wants to score better marks in their examination. With study materials, the most used features are CBSE Class 9 important questions, which are drafted by TopperLearning experts keeping crucial concepts in mind. CBSE Class 9 MCQs enable exposure of objective questions from Maths, Science and other subjects. Students will also get access to CBSE Class 9 Fill in the blanks and CBSE Class 9 Short answer questions. All these CBSE class 9 test resources enable a good practice habit on students where they get exposure to an ecosystem of question banks of different types that aid to their exam prep strategies. The most unique feature that TopperLearning provides in its test section is the Online Test for CBSE Class 9, which enables students to choose multiple chapters while generating a test. With the recent introduction of Case-Based and Assertion Reasoning type of questions in examinations as prescribed by CBSE, TopperLearning has also included these on the website as a separate offering altogether. It is therefore a good practice to go through the CBSE Class 9 Case study questions and CBSE Class 9 Assertion Reasoning questions to boost up their preparation strategies. CBSE Class 9 Weekly Tests are also a great mean to attempt tests based on the Mathematics and Science syllabus held every week from the beginning of an academic year. These tests follow a standard schedule keeping in mind an average coverage of the syllabus basis standard academic calendars followed in schools. CBSE Class 9 MCQs should be treated as an important tool to enhance practice and time management tactics required for exam preparations.

Benefits of TopperLearning CBSE Class 9th Package:

  • 400+ Video Lectures, 200+ Revision Notes, 12,000+ Question Banks, 50+ Sample Papers
  • Strong Emphasis on the latest CBSE Class 9 Syllabus
  • Doubt Solving by Professionals option available
  • Chapter-wise solutions by experts
  • Free assessment tools & guidance by previous Toppers
  • CBSE Class 9 Preparation tips
  • In-depth understanding of all the concepts
  • Quick revision & improvement in results.

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CBSE Class 9 Frequently Asked Questions

TopperLearning’s CBSE Class 9 offers Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi Vyakaran and English Grammar, Composition and Comprehension.

To study CBSE Class 9, one needs proper time management skills. Time management skills will help students complete the paper on time with less or no exam panics. To study subjects like Maths, one would require a lot of practice. Understanding the concepts and then applying them to solve problems will enable a thorough grasp of the topic. Making practising a habit will improve the learning outcome of the students studying in CBSE Class 9. It is also recommended that students develop a writing habit to improve learning outcomes. It is also a good habit to regularly solve the sample papers, attempt online MCQs and SAQs regularly. The practice test feature at TopperLearning for CBSE Class 9 enables you to practice multiple chapter tests in one go. The practise tests will help students generate tests based on formative or summative assessments where multiple concepts or chapters are involved. Doing so will enable students to understand the paper pattern and lessen panic.

Although we expect students to score good marks in exams. As per the Central Board of Secondary Education, a student must score a minimum of 33% to pass the exam.

Any class may be difficult if students are not able to focus well. It is always advised to work hard and understand concepts that are taught by the teacher in school. If students understand concepts well, no class will sound difficult for them. It is also recommended to create a timetable for study. Making a timetable for CBSE Class 9 brings discipline among students. Students should use resources available at TopperLearning to understand concepts using application videos, revision notes and practice CBSE Class 9 online MCQ tests to boost up their preparations. Students must also use trusted platforms like TopperLearning where content resources are added following quality checks. TopperLearning also provides UnDoubt services which is readily used by students to clear their after-school doubts. The UnDoubt platform also provides an ecosystem where students can view already answered doubts, can ask a new doubt or may answer other students doubt to gain knowledge. All such answers are quality checked by experts before hosting on the website. Overall, it is advised to form practice as a habit so that no class is difficult for a student.

CBSE Class 9 Videos

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