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CBSE Class 8

CBSE Class 8 is one of the crucial grades in your academic career. It is a grade wherein you need to understand all the fundamentals which will help you to score more marks in your further grades. One of the best and most effective ways to score more marks in CBSE Class 8 is by referring to TopperLearning study materials which include video lessons, revision notes, question banks and sample papers.

CBSE Class 8 Maths resources can be practised every day. CBSE Class 8 Science has all the relevant study resources for your quick revision and preparations. Similarly, you will get adequate revision materials for CBSE Class 8 Social Studies. All grammar and composition related material for English can be revised by clicking CBSE Class 8 English. You will also find some Hindi grammar videos with CBSE Class 8 Hindi resources.

CBSE Class 8 Plans will help you to score more marks in your examination and is ideal for understanding the fundamentals of a particular subject. Our study materials for CBSE Class 8 cover all the subjects, and each concept is explained with true-to-life examples in our video lessons. All our study materials are created by subject experts who strictly follow the latest CBSE syllabus. Apart from our study materials, we provide NCERT textbooks solutions that will help you to clear all the concepts as the solutions are arranged chapter-wise. Apart from this, we have introduced CBSE 8 sample papers for students, so that they can understand the paper pattern and can predict the time frame required to solve each question.

To get the best use of our study materials, we also have an ‘Ask a Doubt’ facility, wherein all your subject-related doubts will be instantly solved by our subject matter experts, who are doctorates and have much experience teaching CBSE students. One of the strongest points of our study materials is the CBSE Class 8 Videos which will help you to memorise all the concepts easily. By referring to our study materials, you can understand a particular subject and score more marks in the examination. To subscribe you can visit CBSE Class 8 Plans.

CBSE Class 8: Textbook Solutions, Videos, Sample Papers & More

Get chapter-wise CBSE Class 8 NCERT Solutions for Maths, Science, Social Studies, English and Hindi at TopperLearning. With the help of expert answers for CBSE class 8 NCERT textbook questions for all subjects in your CBSE Class 8 syllabus, you’ll be able to write accurate answers in your CBSE exams.

For visual learners, we have CBSE Class 8 video lessons. These videos are presented by subject experts so that you can absorb the concepts covered in your syllabus. Also, browse through the CBSE Class 8 sample papers for each subject to practise writing answers. With the help of CBSE Class 8 sample papers, you can prepare yourself to confidently tackle questions in your actual exams.

Utilise the CBSE Class 8 learning notes and other resources at TopperLearning to re-learn concepts and get over your exam fear. Also, clear doubts with experts through our ‘Ask a Doubt’ section and score more marks in your exams.

CBSE Class 8: MIQs, Subjective Questions & More

Once you complete your vast syllabus, you can continue to revise the concepts learned in your class. However, you cannot complete the entire syllabus if you are running short of time. That’s when our CBSE class 8 Most Important Questions (MIQs) will be useful. Our academic experts have compiled the MIQs for each subject in your Class 8 syllabus to enable you to revise key questions and answers.

Moreover, CBSE class 8 MCQs, CBSE class 8 Fill in the blanks and CBSE class 8 short answer questions will provide an interface to learn and practice multiple-choice, fill-ups and subjective type questions. After completing your revision, attempt the questions in the online tests to understand the topics that you need to revise again. With our valuable supplementary learning materials, get ready to write your exams better and achieve top marks.

Why to choose our CBSE Class 8 study materials?

  • Contain 150+ video lessons, 200+ revision notes, 8500+ questions and 15 sample papers 

  • Based on the latest CBSE syllabus

  • Free textbook solutions & doubt-solving sessions

  • Ideal for quick revision

  • Help score more marks in the examination

  • Increase paper-solving speed and confidence

CBSE Class 8 Frequently Asked Questions

TopperLearning’s CBSE Class 8 offers Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi Vyakaran and English Grammar, Composition and Comprehension.

To study CBSE Class 8, one needs proper time management skills. Time management skills will help students complete the paper on time with less or no exam panics. To study subjects like Maths, one would require a lot of practice. Understanding the concepts and then applying them to solve problems will enable a thorough grasp of the topic. Making practising a habit will improve the learning outcome of the students studying in CBSE Class 8. It is also recommended that students develop a writing habit to improve learning outcomes. It is also a good habit to regularly solve the sample papers, attempt online MCQs and SAQs regularly. The practice test feature at TopperLearning for CBSE Class 8 enables you to practice multiple chapter tests in one go. The practise tests will help students generate tests based on formative or summative assessments where multiple concepts or chapters are involved. Doing so will enable students to understand the paper pattern and lessen panic.

Although we expect students to score good marks in exams. As per the Central Board of Secondary Education, a student must score a minimum of 33% to pass the exam.

Any class may be difficult if students are not able to focus well. It is always advised to work hard and understand concepts that are taught by the teacher in school. If students understand concepts well, no class will sound difficult for them. It is also recommended to create a timetable for study. Making a timetable for CBSE Class 8 brings discipline among students. Students should use resources available at TopperLearning to understand concepts using application videos, revision notes and practice CBSE Class 8 online MCQ tests to boost up their preparations. Students must also use trusted platforms like TopperLearning where content resources are added following quality checks. TopperLearning also provides UnDoubt services which is readily used by students to clear their after-school doubts. The UnDoubt platform also provides an ecosystem where students can view already answered doubts, can ask a new doubt or may answer other students doubt to gain knowledge. All such answers are quality checked by experts before hosting on the website. Overall, it is advised to form practice as a habit so that no class is difficult for a student.

CBSE Class 8 Videos

Construction of rhombus given side and angle, both diagonals
construction of square given side and diagonals,construction of rectangles
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