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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History CBSE

TopperLearning provides complete NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 8 History. Our History experts share insights on the topics of every chapter through our textbook solutions. We provide students with solutions explaining the proper justification or answer for every question they have. Hence, it becomes easy for you to get clarity on all concepts in these questions which are most likely to appear in the examination.

The main objective of creating our NCERT Solutions is easy availability of chapter-wise notes according to the CBSE Class 8 History syllabus. With free online access to these key chapter notes, students will be able to plan their revision in the most effective manner.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History CBSE

Our chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for CBSE Social Studies Class 8 Geography consists of the following:

Chapter 1 - Resources

Learn about the types of resources such as potential resources, actual resources, ubiquitous resources and localised resources. Also, find answers on the distribution of resources on earth, and how balancing the utilisation of resources leads to sustainable development.

Chapter 2 - Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources

Get correct answers for MCQs on topics such as soil formation and conservation of nature. In this chapter, our experts will help you to answer questions about climate change, intercropping, conservation of natural resources, etc.

Chapter 3 - Mineral and Power Resources

Through Chapter 3 solutions, you will be able to practise topics such as types of commonly used minerals, ores of metallic minerals, characteristics of minerals, etc. Also, know about the different ways for energy conservation at home.

Chapter 4 - Agriculture

Revise topics such as what is agriculture, what are the factors influencing agriculture, etc. Know about fibre crops and what are the climatic conditions conducive for the growth of crops such as jute and cotton. Also, get all the points to list the differences between intensive farming and subsistence farming.

Chapter 5 - Industries

In this chapter, learn about different types of industries such as mineral-based industries, agro-based industries, joint-sector industries, and public-sector industries. Find out the factors that lead to the setup of specific types of industries in a particular location. Also, revise the concept of sunrise industry such as the IT industry.

Chapter 6 - Human Resources

The NCERT solutions for CBSE Geography Class 8 Chapter 6 covers topics such as population distribution, population pyramid, and population composition. Also, understand the concept of human resource and what factors lead to population change.

Why are NCERT Solutions important?

The NCERT textbook is recommended by CBSE and followed by CBSE students for learning History in Class 8. At TopperLearning, students get the best answers by experienced History teachers for the questions in the NCERT History textbook. Through our chapter-wise solutions, you can plan your studies better. Go directly to a particular Social Science chapter or follow the sequence of chapters according to your syllabus.

Understand the importance of some of the crucial History chapters with our NCERT Solutions for Class 8. Improve your chances of scoring top marks while gaining conceptual clarity with the best learning materials at TopperLearning.

CBSE Class 8 History Frequently Asked Questions

To effectively prepare for the Class 8 History exam, students must refer to the available resources such as tests, notes and the "ask the expert" facility on the website. Understand the importance of some of the crucial chapters with our NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History. Improve students chances of scoring top marks while gaining conceptual clarity with the best learning materials at TopperLearning.

Yes. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History is the reference for final exam preparations. NCERT makes the framework on the school syllabus following the specific grades' learning levels and learning outcomes. Revising the NCERT History textbooks and the NCERT History solutions will benefit the learners. Students must also refer to the chapter notes and test resources available on the TopperLearning website.

Yes. Students can revise the entire Class 8 History syllabus using the TopperLearning notes, test bank and NCERT Solutions. Students find it easy to frame answers to a History question when they know the sequence of events that have taken place in History concepts. It is recommended that students do a thorough revision of the syllabus as prescribed in the NCERT Class 8 History textbook and practice writing the answers independently. The TopperLearning notes and Short answer question bank helps students get an idea of the type of questions they may ask in their school exams.

It is possible to revise the whole syllabus using the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 History and revise the chapter-wise notes available on the TopperLearning website.

Students find it convenient to practice from the pool of question banks available on the test and the platform's 'Ask a Doubt' section.

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