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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English CBSE

TopperLearning’s NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English consists of free textbook solutions for Honeycomb and An Alien Hand. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English helps you understand the theme of the poetry and prose that are part of your CBSE Class 7 syllabus. These are well-prepared textbook solutions to support you during revision. 

Our CBSE Class 7 syllabus is updated as per the latest updates from the CBSE board. We make sure to eliminate study materials that include solutions from the deleted syllabus of CBSE Class 7. Through the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 2 Three Questions, practise factual comprehension questions. Revise grammar topics such as parts of speech, clauses, verbs, adjectives, etc. by reviewing the textbook solutions given by our English experts.

We also provide CBSE Online Class 7 English Revision Notes which you can use to relearn each chapter. Revise stories part of your CBSE Class 7 syllabus with our practice tests, revision notes and ‘Ask The Expert’ doubt solver platform support. The study materials such as CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions for learning your English lessons are available online at our study portal whenever you want as per your convenience.

Use the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English to prepare for practice tests. Benefit from CBSE Online Class 7 English Practice Tests to prepare for your exam. While you may be thorough with the plot of the stories in your CBSE Class 7 syllabus, that’s not enough to score top marks in the exam. And the important thing about learning is that marks are not the only focus when you are revising lessons for language subjects. When you are asked to write the story in a particular format such as a dialogue or as a diary entry, think about whether you will be able to do it or not.

The purpose of including language subjects in your syllabus is to build your communication skills. And you will excel in the subject only if you can use the right grammar to construct sentences. CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions can help with that. Other than knowing a story, are you able to grasp the message conveyed through the story? In your syllabus, some stories teach you to be a hardworking and collaborative person. There are stories where you learn the importance of freedom and then, there are the ones teaching about interaction with animals.

Every story in your CBSE Class 7 syllabus introduces you to a new set of words that you can absorb and add to your vocabulary. When you practise the CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions, you will learn the meaning and application of these words in day-to-day use. The new words that you learn can stay with you for life. You may use them to demonstrate language proficiency while participating in English writing or speaking competitions as well. Chapter solutions are regularly reviewed to make sure you do not waste time studying something that is part of the deleted syllabus of CBSE Class 7.

With the chapter-wise CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions, get a good grip of your syllabus topics. We have detailed solutions that will be useful while you are trying to understand the role of characters in stories part of your CBSE Class 7 syllabus. What is the significance of a character in a story and why do they behave in a particular way in certain situations? Understand these aspects and improve your storytelling abilities with our CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions. 

Learning the grammar rules may or may not be easy for you. Revise the related questions in our NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English. To be able to successfully use the English language for conversations requires you to have a thorough understanding of grammar rules. So, if you find yourself struggling with grammar rules or chapter-related doubts, make sure to resolve them using our ‘Ask The Expert’ doubt solver platform. This platform can be used to post any number of questions at any time. English subject experts with rich experience respond to these questions at the earliest. With quick access to answers from English subject experts, you can complete your study goals quickly and become confident for your exam.

NCERT Solutions English

Key Features of TopperLearning NCERT Solutions

With the free textbook solutions, you can access the CBSE Class 7 English solutions for any chapter and start studying immediately or at a scheduled time. Once you have reviewed the correct answers in the NCERT Solutions CBSE Class 7 English resources, you can attempt the CBSE Sample Paper Class 7. You may find the same questions or similar questions for practice in the CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions.

The CBSE Class 7 syllabus is designed to impart language lessons along with valuable life lessons. Some of your syllabus chapters are informative while others are adventures with lessons based on life experiences. Then, there are some chapters which teach you about topics like fire and cricket. To study these lessons, you can rely on the chapter-wise NCERT solutions CBSE Class 7 English.

For instance, understand how the game of cricket evolved and discover some fun facts about this popular sport of India. Read the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 10 The Story of Cricket. Build your vocabulary with word search exercise questions. Learn how to use phrases in sentences with the answers given by subject experts. 

These CBSE Online Class 7 English study resources are also available in an easy-to-browse resources section at TopperLearning. In your CBSE Class 7 English exam, you will come across various types of questions. Some will just require you to answer questions in one word while there will other questions asking you to write on a topic elaborately. 

To make sure that you are ready to answer any type of question, practising CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions are the recommended exam preparation route by experts. There can be chapter-specific questions or application-specific questions as well. Application-specific questions may include questions on the usage of verbs, phrases, tenses, adjectives, etc. in a set of given sentences. There can also be comprehension questions where an excerpt will be given and you will be asked to think and write answers based on the information in the excerpt. Prepare for all these questions with our NCERT solutions CBSE Class 7 English.

Should you have any trouble understanding any of the CBSE Class 7 English chapter explanations, just post a question through our ‘Ask The Expert’ doubt solver platform. Understanding a piece of literature is not just about knowing a story or a poem but also about exploring the theme and grasping the elements to make the piece more impactful. A selection of prose and poems are carefully chosen by the experts who developed your CBSE Class 7 syllabus to get you acquainted with diverse pieces of literature. 

In the NCERT textbook, the exercises are designed to help you to develop an interest in literature while allowing you to practise your language skills. In the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English, TopperLearning experts have given answers to all the comprehension and grammar exercises from your textbook. For more clarity, you can explore our ‘Undoubt’ section for queries from your peers and solutions from experienced English teachers.

How CBSE NCERT Solutions benefit Students?

NCERT Solutions CBSE Class 7 English are effective because these solutions for textbook questions enable you to thoroughly absorb the knowledge imparted through your English lessons. You will be able to find answers to questions that enhance your speaking and writing skills. You will become a better communicator if you are aware of the grammar rules. Also, with English language skills, you can write your answers well for exam subjects such as Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. 

English communication will also help you to write better essays, stories or poems for various national and international competitions. If you enjoy participating in debates in English, the vocabulary and speaking-related exercises questions as per the CBSE syllabus for Class 7 English will benefit you. As you move forward in school to higher classes, your language skills honed with NCERT solutions CBSE Class 7 English can benefit you a lot. Other than writing competitions, you will be able to deliver speeches, provide instructions or indulge in meaningful conversations when you take up leadership roles for managing school events, magazines or student welfare societies.

The CBSE Class 7 syllabus English includes ‘Comprehension and Composition’ and ‘Grammar’ lessons. In ‘Grammar’, you will be presented with questions on nouns, verbs, prepositions, articles, pronouns, and more. Through the CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions for prose and poems, you will be introduced to new words that will improve your English vocabulary. The vocabulary that you use in your conversations determines the level of language proficiency that you have. 

The textbook exercises for each chapter carry different types of Grammar questions on types of sentences, parts of speech, adjectives, tenses, direct and indirect speech. The chapter-specific CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions will polish your ability to apply the learned grammar concepts while answering new questions. With grammar skills, you will know when to use certain grammar rules for emphasis in a sentence.

When it comes to ‘Comprehension and Composition’, the CBSE Class 7 syllabus consists of various forms of writing. Through the CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions, you can practise precis writing, dialogue writing, paragraph writing, and so on. Gain important skills such as story writing, reading comprehension, message writing and notice writing too. When you acquire these skills, you will not just gain the confidence to write your English exam but also gather the ability to use the language for expressing your thoughts easily.

If you aren’t confident about your English language skills, you may get nervous while attempting the NCERT exercise questions. For instance, to write a perfect letter, you need to know the difference between formal and informal letter writing. If you are unsure how a diary entry is different from message writing, you can find help at TopperLearning. CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions can be helpful. Then, we have the ‘Ask The Expert’ doubt solver platform wherein English experts are available 24x7 to respond to your queries and support you.


Importance of NCERT Solutions in CBSE Examinations


CBSE exams are considered some of the toughest exams to tackle among the exam boards present in India. Once the syllabus lessons are taught in school, you can carry on with revision using the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English. The exercises in the textbook for practice can be easy or difficult for you. However, it is best to have a resource such as NCERT solutions CBSE Class 7 English where you can check and verify whether you got the right answer for the question or not. 

Say you want to revise Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita-Work, go through the notes in your NCERT textbook. At the end of the chapter, you will find exercises to test your language skills. For support to understand the accurate answers of these chapter exercises, you may find our NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English to be useful. The chapter exercises will focus on building the right usage of words while speaking and writing. For example, you learn when you use ‘do’ for emphasis in a conversation.

Unlike Science and Maths subjects, English is not a subject where every question will have the same right answer. The subject experts at TopperLearning draft the best CBSE Online Class 7 answer for each NCERT textbook question as per the marking scheme and guidelines of the exam. For instance, if you are asked to write a letter to convey a message, our expert will provide the ideal answer in the CBSE Class 7 English textbook solutions. However, you can use the points from the letter and create your version too. Just make sure to use the language correctly in your answer.

Practise the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 8 - Fire: Friend and Foe to learn about the characteristics of fire while improving your language skills. Refer to our free textbook solutions to understand the right order of sentences in a series of sentences. Learn to connect related words. Revise the application of verbs and tenses in sentences.

At TopperLearning, revise your English lessons with the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair. Use our NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English to learn to write answers based on a given extract. Improve your knowledge of antonyms and synonyms with our NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English. We make sure to constantly update our study portal with the solutions for questions from the latest NCERT textbook. For doubts and solutions, check our ‘Undoubt’ section. You may even reach out to English teachers using our ‘Ask The Expert’ platform for support to clear your doubts.

Why choose TopperLearning for NCERT textbook solutions?


Subject experts at TopperLearning lend a helping hand to revise topics through textbook exercises by giving you the complete NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 7 English. Through the textbook solutions, you can learn to write accurate answers for comprehension questions based on your syllabus chapters. Also, learn to use verbs, simple sentences with the NCERT solutions for the textbook questions based on chapters from the CBSE Class 7 English syllabus. These solutions are regularly audited to remove solutions part of the deleted syllabus of CBSE Class 7.

Revise the topic of phrases and understand consonants better with the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 5 Quality. Build your English Comprehension skills with the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 6 - Expert Detectives. Learn to Improve your language skills with the correct answers for objective types of questions from the chapter. Understand the theme of each syllabus chapter with our comprehensive NCERT solutions CBSE Class 7 English. 

Peek inside the world of children in the poem ‘A Gift of Chappals’ and learn about life skills. The textbook exercises for this poem will introduce you to clauses and help you improve your paragraph writing skills. Our NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English include the correct answers to textbook exercises and thus, help you improve your writing and grammar skills.

Use our free textbook solutions to revise questions from Chapter 6 I Want Something In A Cage,

Chapter 7 Chandni, and other chapters. If you have questions from Chapter 8 of The Bear Story or any other English chapter, check our ‘Undoubt’ solutions. From your CBSE syllabus for Class 7 English, you can even ask questions about Chapter 9 A Tiger In The House, Chapter 10 An Alien Hand or other chapters through TopperLearning’s ‘Ask The Expert’ platform.

CBSE Class 7 English Frequently Asked Questions

Dhan Gopal Mukerji is the author of the CBSE Class 7 English Chapter ‘Bringing Up Kari’.

The NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 7 English Chapter ‘A Gift of Chappals’ can be a good place to start. For queries related to this English chapter, post your question in the ‘Ask a Doubt’ section at TopperLearning.

Clear and concise answers for textbook questions from CBSE Class 7 English Chapter ‘Chandni’ are available online at TopperLearning.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Textbook solutions and An Alien Hand (Supplementary) Textbook solution can be found at TopperLearning.

Whether you are learning about Gopal and the Hilsa Fish or enjoying the chapter on Cricket, the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English can push your confidence to write correct answers in your exam. You also get to work on your language skills with the right answers for reference.

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