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CBSE Class 12-commerce Practice Test

After you learn a concept or read a chapter, you must evaluate yourself to understand how much you have actually learned. TopperLearning emphasises on practice tests for the same reason. We have practice tests for every chapter of every subject. These tests have both subjective and objective questions, so you can take them to assess your knowledge gained during study and revision. They can also help you understand your level of preparedness before the exam. Based on the results of these tests, you can decide areas which need more attention.

TopperLearning has robust exam prep material. We have a list of short answer questions, long answer questions, most important questions, multiple choice questions and practice tests. These tests can be taken on a weekly or a daily basis to assess your preparation and gauge your performance. With a meticulous plan and relevant study resources, you will surely ace the CBSE Class 12 Commerce exam.

Maths Practice Test

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