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NEET Biology

The NEET Biology syllabus includes all the topics taught in Class 11 and Class 12 from Zoology and Botany. Biology has a lot of definitions and terms, and each one of them is crucial. With planned studying and regular revision, a student can easily remember the portion and score high marks in the NEET 2021 exam. The NEET Biology syllabus is mostly based on the concepts taught in the NCERT Biology books. So, it is recommended that students thoroughly revise concepts in the NCERT Biology textbooks.

At TopperLearning, we provide complete study solutions for the NEET exam in the form of online tests, video lessons, study notes, past years’ papers etc. By following our complete study plan and by revising with the TopperLearning app, students can easily clear this tough exam.

NEET Preparation Resources

To urge students to evaluate themselves regularly, TopperLearning offers various kinds of tests. These tests can be taken on a weekly basis or incorporated in your daily study schedule to gauge your performance and assess your preparation in Biology. Based on these tests that you are encouraged to take frequently, you can decide which chapter needs more attention. Focus more on the weak topics and revise them more often than you had initially decided. With a meticulous plan and enough study resources, you will surely ace the NEET exam.

NEET Packages

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    • 3 Seasonal Live Classes (PCB)
    • Board Exam Preparation Support Material
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